Monday, January 31, 2011

Seasons of Change

So I was sitting in church Sunday and I had this revelation . An epiphany.Like the 4 seasons . They come and go. There is a sign that they are either coming or going. Each one has specific characteristics. For winter its snow and for summer its heat. Just like the earth , life has seasons too .In life our seasons have signs too. It's just that some choose to recognize them and others ignore the signs . The hardest thing one can do is force yourself to leave one season and enter another. Upon graduating from college I have found myself struggling to leave college right where its at . Its so hard to leave something familiar for the unknown. However, I have acknowledged that my time is up. That its time to move onto the next season in my life and harvest the great things that are in store for me. Why linger in a season of things that are old...and prepare for a season with things that are fresh and new. Another side of seasons I thought about was relationships. Ever wandered why a friendship/relationship didn't manifest like you wanted it to? Maybe its because you two are in different seasons of your life. Once, I really sat down and thought about this. My entire perception changed. People are like fruits and vegetables . If you try and pick the fruits and vegetables prematurely. It will be deformed. It wont taste right. It will be discolored. It simply wasn't ready for harvest. On the other hand, if you allow that fruit or vegetable to ripen. You will reap a good harvest. It will not only be plentiful . But will have a rich flavor. Nothing in life should be forced if its not in the right season. Some relationships and acquaintances need to be released in order for you to reap the full benefits. Let it it can GROW. Seasons are symbolic in so many areas. Some seasons are good and some are bad. Some seasons have famine and some have harvest. Some seasons cause pain and some cause happiness. Some seasons add relationships and some seasons subtract them. As soon as you begin to recognize what season you are in, your life you will get a clear vision of where you are. Don't involve yourself in relationships and ventures that are out of season. You always be disappointed. In the mist of changing seasons. Patience is a virtue.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maya Angelou visited my Alma Mater today. Since I couldnt be in attendance. I will dedicate this post to her . ENJOY!

Love All Over Me

My day was going fine. I was cleaning up the house. I turned on the television . Watched VH1 Soul . And to my surprise it was the Monica Soul Story. They played her old school jams and it got me reminiscing . I was jamming. Then "Love All Over Me" came on and it changed my whole day. This is one of my favorite songs by her . I think it truly captures the feeling of what love should be. You can hear it in her voice. As I watched,I remembered that , Shannon Brown , the lead guy in the video is now her real life husband. Just last year this time she broke up with her boyfriend and the father of her children Rocko. I have been thinking about this scenario all day. The guy who pretended to be her NOW REALLY her husband. How awesome it that? This taught me a few things. Be careful what you do or say cause it can turn into reality. The second lesson is that break ups are meant to elevate you to a hook up. All that time she spent with someone who didn't really value who she was. According to blogs, he was always guilty of infidelity .She finally decided to let that go and found someone who adores her. I figured if GOD could do that for her ...I know he can do that for me. Sometimes in relationships both men and women , we hold on to whatever we can. We will settle for whatever we can get. Just to have that person in out lives ...afraid to lose them . When sometimes its better to admit its not meant to be. I have had to make a decision. Do I want to be with someone who I have to force to fit or someone tailor made for me? The time I spend pulling teeth and begging ..I could use with someone who wants to shower me with a new beginning. From the ugliest heartache can come a beautiful surprise. Monica sparked something in me today. She gave me hope and renewed my faith in relationships and love. It also reminded that what GOD has for me is for me. Relationships were designed to teach a lesson propel you to the next person your supposed to be with . Love is a journey with bumps and glitches along the way ..but once you reach the final destination one will find it was all worth it in the end. The moral of today's story is that love can find you and it can be beautiful. At least I hope so.

Expiration Date

"When people show you who they are. BELIEVE them the first time"-Maya Angelou .
As 2010 ended , I found myself trying to see the good in people around me.Attempting to look past all their imperfections and shortcomings in their relationship with me . Giving them a second chance. Hoping for the best because I wanted to to. But to no surprise , nothing changed. GOD uses people in our lives to show us a few things. That their season has expired or its time for you to move on. There is no sense in holding on to friendships, associations, or relationships that has no purpose. I guess in the end when you have wiped your hands clean of a failed relationship. You can at least say you tried..right ? But to what emotional expense? I love the saying , " When you know better , you do better" . If someone in your life has a pattern of being inconsistent , insensitive, indecisive, untruthful , conniving, malicious, or hurtful. Thank them. Now you know which course of action to take ..... your expectations won't be so high. As 2011, takes off , I will take all those lessons of having high expectations of people. And use them as a stepping stone to growth and knowledge. People take the lead from you. They treat you how you allow them to.