Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ruby Woo

I have a confession to make. A huge one. I am in love with Ruby Woo. I mean completely devoted, obsessed and smitten. We were introduced one year ago and I often wonder how I have been living without her. When she touches my lips it enhances my entire look. Who knew something short and stout would make such an impact on my life? I literally turn red whenever I think of Ruby. She has Wooed me. 

This matte beauty never leaves my side. She is my go to person whenever I need a pick me up. You can find her in all of my photos. She makes the perfect date. She doesn't say much, but always manages to steal the show. Ruby Woo is definitely in a league all her own. Nothing quite compares to her. With her edge, style and grace she will continue to be my first love. It is very rare that something this beautiful comes into your life and changes the game. Even with change being inevitable she will remain a constant. I will be sure to make sure I hold on to this beauty.