Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winedown Wednesday

Algebra Blessett is definitely a vocalist to watch. Her voice is flawless and underrated. Take a listen to this smooth summer jam. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you "Nobody But You."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This morning I drove into work as usual. Came up under the covered parking lot from the drizzling rain. Searched for a good covered parking space. I quickly located two open spots. I looked around and noticed that cars were parked so far down. I wondered to myself, "Why is no one parked here? Seems kind of weird." So I drove into the open spaces. Put my car in park. Turned off my windshield wipers. Pulled out my badge. Got out of my car and closed my door. As I turned around to make sure my door was locked, I quickly looked behind me and there it was. On a concrete column. A message. Maybe it was from God?

The message simply said,"If life is what you make it, create it." 

I know God was talking directly to me. I'd just finished praying about my future. Asking him how can I get to the next level? How can I make all the things he put in me manifest? Asking for stronger faith and a better vision. Praying for ALL the people around me. I gave myself a serious scolding and pep talk about changing my perspective on EVERYTHING. And there it was. Soon as I stopped praying and decided to change my view, God offered me just a bit of advice. From an unexpected place. Create your life. He has already given me all the tools I need. 

We as human beings have allll the tools we need to become who we want to be. We have the eyes to create the vision. The dreams to make those visions come true. The hands to put those visions and dreams into motion. Even with obstacles our duty is to still make it happen. Our lives are literally what WE make them. Life doesn't come with handouts, merely favor, grace and mercy. One must go out and get what one wants. With no excuses. The greatest people in history have all faced challenges and still managed to create the success they wanted. 

Who knew that little piece of graffiti, on a drenched concrete pillar would give me so much inspiration? Would remind me that I am the master of my fate? Would remind me that I have the power (with God) to make all my dreams come true? Would remind me that God has ordered all of my steps, with signs and wonders along the way? Would remind me that the life I have envisioned and dreamed for myself is still within reach, if only I keep reaching?