Monday, May 17, 2010

Quote of the Day

" It's not the load that brings you down..its the way you carry it"

-Lena Horne
I got a feeling...that today's gonna be a good day. Peace and Blessing to all my readers. Love you lots . Stay PROgressive and PROactive .

Friday, May 14, 2010

On the Run

It's Friday night in Atlanta. End of May. Summertime---And I'm in the house. I guess I'm not like most 22 years old. I decided to have a movie night. I watched the movie "Preacher's Kid" starring LeToya Luckett and Tank ---- and it seems as though that movie was made just for me. I took away a lot of things....but there was one message in particular that stuck with me and opened my eyes. You leave GOD --------but he never leaves you.

That is such a powerful statement. So many times as a believer---we stray from GOD. There is nothing like the guilt of feeling like the favor of GOD has departed from your life. No matter the sin. Whether its sex-drugs-liquor -clubbing-lying- or hanging out. We get wrapped up in living for the moment that we forget about the future sometimes. I think that as young people...we feel like we have time. It like we live our lives when we're young..scratch things off our bucket list --then when we get older we wanna live for GOD. But what if that's too late.
It never occurred to me parents warn you about what not to do --because they are protecting you . Parents already lived and don't want you to make the same mistakes that they did. I know from experience --there is nothing like living life for yourself. Curiosity gets the best of you---you want to explore the world ..and answer your own questions. However sometimes we get so caught up in living for ourselves...that we forget to live for GOD.

" Preacher's Kid" highlighted the notion that GOD will do things to get your attention. He will put you through a have a magnificent testimony. GOD knows your intended end and he is the one who created you. He constructed your mind and everything that resides in it .GOD makes no mistakes because he is perfect. As humans , we make mistakes . The best thing is to learn from them and not make the same mistake twice. The main character , Angie had to experience life for herself in order for it to bring her back to where she started . The one place she was running from---GOD. No matter how hard you try and run from GOD---he will always lead you right back to him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Field of Dreams: PRO-active vs RE-active

When things go wrong they sometimes will. Do you see it through or throw in the towel? There will be different seasons in your life. Drought, Famine, and Harvest. In harvest ,it seems like everything is going right. Opportunities are fluid. More good days than bad days. Goals and dreams are being checked off a list. You feel as if life is moving in the right direction . Then there is drought. Life has its good days and bad days , but it seems like things are steady. The most uncomfortable and miserable place to be in... is a famine. Everything seems fruitless and every door you turn to is closed. The debts are HIGH and the funds are LOW . Dreams feel deferred ---and no where near arms reach.There seems to be nothing tangible to give hope--but faith is truly the only thing you can hold on to.

The true measure of a man surfaces in the time of famine. One must decide to continue the battle or give up. Proactive vs. Reactive? In times of trouble one should stay proactive. Walking in stride one foot in front of the other---never skipping a beat. Don't quit and give up before the miracle happens. When things happen out of your should discover what you CAN control. Being defeated and overcome is a state of mind. When your mind is made up there is no turning back . Being reactive means allowing emotions to get in the way.Its so easy to cry and lose sight of what its in front of you. Losing all hope . Being reactive is like getting lost and not attempting to find another route---to your destination.

The best way to be proactive is in a place of solitude in silence. Even when the world is spinning ..find a way to jump off . Drown out distractions and mute ambient sound. Look in the mirror and really admire your reflection. Pick up the pieces and find something else to do with your time. So far this summer --it seems like all the doors I wanted to walk through have been closed in my face. I felt like ...GOD why are YOU closing all these doors. My resume is tight. My reputation speaks for itself. I have the talent, drive, and expertise--so why aren't people seeing my GREATNESS? The sadness of a broken nose from those closed doors began to take a toll on my spirit---as I watched people get opportunities that I dream of. There is nothing like a broken spirit.

Then I heard GOD tell can you question the creator of your destiny? How can you doubt the person who makes the impossible POSSIBLE?How can the same GOD that blessed you before---- not bless you again? .At that moment I picked up my tears ..and kept moving. When you remain proactive it shows GOD that he can trust you--even in the storm. So imagine how he can reward you--with clear skies? So I----- Wiped my tears. Drew up another plan. Stayed focused...and allowed GOD to be GOD. Being proactive is hard . What you do in a famine will determine whether or not you reach another harvest. Being reactive is easy. You cant be a PRO without RE-petition.