Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Even with my flawless cocoa skin , I have a strange obssession with make-up. Whether I'm concealing , filling , blushing or lipsticking. It all intrigues me. Under the eyes. Highlighting cheekbones. Hiding blemishes. Concealer is here to stay. It was created to hide blemishes and give that extra finishing look .The smallest amount of concealer can change a women's entire look. Going from a bag lady to a powder puff princess. In some cases women are only wearing a dollop of concealer with a touch of gloss for a complete light coverage look. Its really working. Adding some powder , eye liner and blush really sets it off . If you look closely at photos of Kim K, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson , Oprah and J to the Lo , their faces are concealed to perfection.