Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PRETTY People Do The UGLIEST Things

It's so funny sometimes how relationships that you once had ...soon fade to black . How someone you love ..hurts you the most . I have come to the conclusion that jealousy and envy bring out the worst in people. No matter how talented , beautiful, humble or well off they are . Sometimes a person must step outside of themselves ..to see how UGLY they truly are. It's like life has a sense of humor. How can the one thing that is supposed to bring individuals together ...snatch them apart? Witnessing the love that you once had for people turn to hate ...is such a hurtful process to endure. NEVER allow anyone to get the best of you.

I found this awesome Chinese proverb it simply states, " He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: One for his enemy and one for himself." It means that when you take the time to hurt others who have hurt you...you only end up hurting yourself. One of the most hypocritical things one can do is become a reflection of the people they despise so much. Never taking into account their recent transformation. Turning the other cheek is easier said than done but, its the healthiest route. The amount of time your using to lose sleep , you can be planting into something else like purpose. Enemies can only do to you...what you allow. My father always told me ...don't allow people to rent space in your head ...with YOUR permission. Be the bigger person. Move on. Let it go. Fighting fire with fire only causes a larger flame...so let it die out slowly. God will use your enemies as your foot stool to elevate you to higher heights. You should never have a hand in someone's downfall or seek revenge. No one can take care of your enemies better than GOD.

These simple sayings are so profound. Treat others the way you want to be treated and what goes around comes around. Don't do to others what people has been done to you. Be reassured that GOD will take care of those who cast evil against. The sooner these lessons are learned the better off you shall be.