Monday, January 30, 2012

Mo'Style: Faux-y Lady

I am obsessed with faux fur vests. They are really rocking my world lately.
There is just something about them. I have found creative ways to wear them whether with a denim shirt and spandex skirt or over my favorite hoodie. These little furry things can take an outfit to the next level in less than 10 seconds. Try
it out and see how far this accessory can take you. If you pair it with a belt, necklace or your favorite lipstick you are guaranteed to be CHIC!

Vest& Denim

Vest & All Black

Different Types Of Vests

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Allow me to reintroduce myself has been a while?

I feel like I go through this every year.

I start the year off strong writing on my blog. I get motivated and devote all of my time to this. Then somewhere off into the distance I get distracted. I lose sight. I get bored. Life happens. I have writers block. I have every reason under the sun why I disconnect.

I have decided to redirect my focus of this blog.

Now that I live in NYC . There are so many great things around, music and food.

I am going to start chronicling things I see in the city. My thoughts and experiences.

I hope that this will keep me attached to OneMoMinute.

I am determined to stay devoted to my craft and this might be it.

So lets start this journey AGAIN!