Wednesday, September 8, 2010


All good things must come to an end. The question is whether or not you are brave enough to let it go? But, just because they come to an end doesn't mean they wont come back around. Life is all about seasons. Drought , famine , overflow and abundance are all apart of life . I sat in church on Sunday and the pastor delivered an awesome message about hope. Hope goes a little bit further than faith . Faith is the substance of the things hoped for . But , hope is an attitude. Hope is even when your in the mist of going through, you still believe that things will get better. Hope is letting go and knowing that whatever you think you lost GOD will replace with something bigger and better.

In my two decades of living , I have learned that as soon as you let go ... GOD will bless you. There is no need holding on to something that is dead . It's like this ...would you rather hold on to something that you want ...or hold on to something that GOD has planned for your life? It takes GOD snatching you from your comfort zone and stripping you of affiliations and relationships to elevate you to where you need to be. Imagine being on an island all by yourself. A small piece of land, surrounded by water on all sides. Just you. Stripped of everything. No car. No clothes . No computers. No music. No people. Free of distractions. You would be forced to survive. Forced to make things work. Forced to make do. Forced to find new ways to live.Forced to let GOD guide you. At some point in our lives GOD will put us on our own personal islands, in a world of chaos and reality. He does this to transform us into our better selves. Distractions deter us from where we need to be, and the sooner you let those things go ..the possibilities are endless.