Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stress Factors

For the past few weeks all the things I have been stressing over, have been coming right together. Ill stay up all night for a test. Worried losing sleep. When I walk into class the test is cancelled. My agenda is filled and I can't detect whether I'm coming or going ...and then out the blue the events get cancelled. At that point ..its a sigh of relief . I'm starting to really understand the saying that what GOD has for me is for me. I learned over the weekend from a mentor these simple things. Why are you stressed and worried over things that GOD has already designed. Why do you think that you can dictate and plan your life out just the way you want it to;When you didn't even have control your own birth ? That stuck out for me . How can I be so preoccupied with the unknown. Its UNKNOWN for a reason, and there is no need in losing valuable sleep over it . What good is a movie or book when you already know the ending?Gotta stay tuned or keep reading to get to the end.