Monday, July 4, 2011

No Dress Rehearsal

Life is not a movie. There is no dress rehearsal. You only have one time to get it right. The cast might change , but the story will remain the same. No matter how hard one tries , they don't have control over the script. With every decision that you make there is a consequence. You can't go around with a magnifying glass burning ants and not expect them to die. Sometimes I think that people confuse movies with real life , myself included. Everything isn't meant to have a happy ending. Many stories have to end for beautiful beginnings. Its a hard adjustment. However, the beauty of life is that if goes on. While I was at work I ran across this quote ," Man's ultimate destiny depends not on whether he can learn new lessons or make new discoveries and conquests , but on the acceptance of the lesson taught." That's so powerful. In life we learn different things for a reason. To teach us something not only about life in general , but most importantly about ourselves. Some lessons are harder to learn than others , nevertheless essential. I'm so grateful for all these lessons. No matter how much they made me cry, smile , sad, or mad. I learned that I'm one of the strongest people I know. I have become numb to negative situations and always seem to come out unscathed. Along with lessons are decisions. When you consciously make a decision to do something. That means you have consciously decided to take on the repercussions. ( Good or bad). Experience is the best teacher.
Being on both sides of hurt .There are just somethings life teaches you shouldn't do . Talk about gratefulness? I'm beyond it.