Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear 2010

Wow. 2010. She is definitely trying her best to get the best of me. My life has changed so much. Been on an emotional roller coaster. I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep my sanity. In my 22 years of living I have seen the best and worst of people. The heart of man can be so tarnished and evil when man feels insecure and threatened. I have had to learn how to turn the other cheek. Now that is truly a task for me. Imagine...if you treated people the way they treated you? What would the world be like?
Life is so unpredictable. It will take the things you love the most. People you never imagined will walk in and out .You will see those that you love turn against you. You will be left all alone. Life will make you feel so low ..that there is no where else to go. Life will show you the beauty and ugliness of man . Life will give you peace. Life will torment you . Life will inspire you and defeat you. When you are up against a trouble...you see it through. When bad things happen ..that's not an excuse to let go of life..pull the reigns a little harder.No matter what card life decides to deal , its up to you to play that hand the best way you can. There have been times that I have wanted to give up...but I had to encourage myself . Motivate myself. Spend time with myself . And..LOVE myself.
The beautiful thing about GOD is that he makes no mistakes. He uses every situation to teach you something. Its up to you to wake up and pay attention. So GOD...I'm paying attention. I'm taking notes. I'm listening loud and clear. Sometimes GOD will put you through somethings to make sure he gets your attention.
So as I stand here in 2010, I'm stronger than ever. More attentive . More willing to learn . More willing to GROW.
When you go through something, you GROW through somethings.