Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love Hunt

Every little girl dreams of the knight in shining armour that will come rescue them. With a gold plated chest, dreamy eyes and hair blowing in the wind. Just like something out of a movie. He will come riding in with gifts and love . From there live in a mystical castle living happily ever after .That's until you wake up ..realize its a dream and come back to reality. For the last few weeks I have been trying to decipher why I have this infatuation with love?

According to the dictionary, love is defined as a strong regard or emotion for someone. Ultimately , I believe love is such a strong emotion it defies definition. Its relevant to whomever is in it. If I had to design love , I would craft it to be everlasting, unconditional and unbreakable. It would be constructed to bring out the best in individuals , helpful and forgiving. The special features would include an unspoken language and so strong bribery is not included.

Whenever love comes up in a room of soon-to-be successful young impressionable women...we all say the same things about ourselves. We have obtainable goals set, beauty and brains, speak eloquently , can hold an intelligent conversation..blah blah blah the list goes on . We have yet to FIND someone who can appreciate all the things we have to offer. As I start to get older I realize that's the problem . WE shouldn't be looking for anything. We should be found. Such a hard concept to understand...I'm 22 and I'm just starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I want to be right where I need to be , so when he finds me ...he wont have to look any further.

Love is something you don't go searching for. When you forget about it and just live life .It finds you when you least expect it to. There are negative images of love and commitment theses days. With Tiger Woods and his infidelity. can't forget the Chris Brown/Rhianna ..Drunk PUNCH kinda love. But then there are also positive ones like the popular Barack and Michelle Obama and Will Smith and Jada. They are like the saviors for Black love. Even with the ugliness that love sometimes brings , I still see the beauty in it .The ability to love is a gift. One that I'm not willing to give to just anyone. Sometimes spending time loving the wrong people, carrying baggage and not letting go of the past is a hindrance to give love a chance. Love can be a gift and a curse. Spreading it all over the place isn't wise. But I can say, I wont go looking for it in the trees, small crevices and corners , or dark alleys. I'm going to let it find me...instead of going on a love scavenger hunt.