Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Its times like this I blog. When I'm up against a trouble...and I have to see things through. Ever since this semester has started I have had to overcome many obstacles. There is always a new struggle that must be won. For the first time in my life.. I have realized why being apart of the "in crowd" or having a large circle of friends is not always so rewarding. It brings additional heartache , pain and of course when dealing with women drama. I have always been taught that if you have a problem, do not harbour the feelings cause that just destroys your spirit. So here it goes...With age comes wisdom and I can not seem to understand why women act the way the do. I come from a family of women. My father is the only man in the house . But these women I deal with on a daily basis are of a new breed catty , envious and easily influenced. Its okay to be on one accord...but to not have a mind of your own is no excuse. Hiding behind words is not an excuse either. When people are insecure about themselves it shows in everything they do. I have learned to be confident in what I am , the good and the bad. I have been trying to find my solace in this new world I have entered . I don't find peace in a cup of wine or the arms of a man . I find my peace in words. The only thing that pacifies my need to express myself.

When the going gets tough...the tough gets going. The food I have been eating lately is truly the breakfast of champions. This food teaches me strength , endurance and gives me stamina . Each year I learn more about people and myself ......nothing surprises me anymore. I have never been more in tuned with the scenarios that play out around me. Every situation that I go through , gets me a step closer to where I need to be....and WHO I need to be. At the end of the day, I will have the last laugh. I refuse to allow anyone to determine how I am going to feel . That road ends . Here and NOW. From here on out positivity will seep through my pores. As I weather this storm , I have my boots and umbrella handy. And this too shall pass.