Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing What I Have To Do ...So I Can Do What I Want To Do

My new life consists of toting around a camera tripod bag that stands at 3 feet tall and 20 pound camera box.The life of a broadcast journalism student at FAMU is trivial . I have learned so much in the last few weeks...hence my absence from the blog. BUT I'M BACK!!! .

Put it this way ....my entry level TV News class is kicking my behind. I have been under so much pressure lately. But I must admit I love a good challenge. I have been through the fire and its only the second month of school. My professor Kenneth Jones is making me a champion. He is challenging me in ways I never knew . He has humbled me even more and made me want to reach my potential .

For the past couple weeks I have only seen the walls of my bedroom and an editing booth. Who knew my once social life would dwindle down to that????!?!? My typical day consists of wa:king up at about 7:45 AM , arriving on campus at 9:00AM and getting back at home at about 6 :00 PM. A normal person would be irritated . Sometimes I am ..I can't lie , but because I love to do it ..it doesn't seem like a job.

In the last week I have cried, felt defeated, overwhelmed , stressed and overworked , but I know that in order to get what I want I must put the work in. Everyday I am learning the power of patience . I am sharpening my craft and making sure I am the best I can be. My mom constantly reminds me to keep hanging in there . Her words of wisdom have helped to stabilize my crazy world. This is the journey I must take to be the first Monique.lol. A world renowned entertainment journalist. My name will be written in lights

While I have been doing what I have to do...so I can do what I want to do.. I have missed my blog. No fears I will be back ....Trust I have a lot of things to talk about!!